Monday, February 6, 2017


When your answer is “I feel the Lord is calling me on in a new direction (a new place) (new relationship) (fill in the blank__________)” why isn’t that enough?

We all have journeyed to a place throughout our lives where we’ve felt this tug in our spirits to do something new.

Whether this is changing jobs, changing who we spend our time with, changing where we live, changing churches, and changing ministries and more!

When asked, “Why” I’m choosing a new direction I tend to hesitate.

Can I trust that this person will support my vision?

Are they going to be critical?

Will they even “get it?”

Often, I give a much simpler answer to protect myself from what the person who is asking may or may not say.

Am I really protecting myself?

The truth is, they may not understand my “why” and they may feel all sorts of emotions regarding my “why” but at the same time it’s not fair play either.

Everyone deserves a truthful answer no matter if they fully understand the “why” behind it all.

AND it will have to be enough.

I’ll stand strong and do my part.

I’ll bravely tell my “why”.

In Genesis 12 Abram was called by God to a new place

Where is God calling you that will take courage?

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