Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Faith Walk

Myself, Jesse, and Dee
This is my friend Jesse.  He has Machado-Joseph Disease.  It’s a rare disease that takes away all muscle control.  Jesse is 28 years old and I've had the privilege of getting to know him the past year.  In this picture, Jesse is standing with the assistance of my friend Dee and myself.  The last few times we have met we've been taking Jesse on a faith walk out of his wheelchair and around his room in the nursing home.  The three of us are believing God for a miracle healing and for Jesse’s strength to return as a part of that healing.  Jesse is unable to walk.  This past year, Dee and I have been spending every Monday at 1:00 praying with Jesse, singing over him, reading the word, and assisting him with painting.  You could say that Dee and I are on a faith walk as well.
Just yesterday, Monday, after visiting with Jesse and Dee, I was deeply stirred in my spirit to seek the Lord on Jesse’s behalf.  This morning the Lord prompted me to read Mark 2:1-12.  It’s the story of four friends that were trying to get their friend, a paraplegic, to see Jesus for healing.  The house where Jesus was, was completely packed out, so they dug through the roof and lowered the man down to him.  Jesus then responded to these friends and the paraplegic after seeing their faith.  Jesus was moved by their faith towards healing, not just physical but spiritual as well. 

That is the sort of faith I want to surround others with.  A faith for healing that will move the heart of God. 

As Dee, Jesse, and I continue on this faith walk –as well as many others who are praying for him- would you consider coming along side someone you know who is on a faith walk themselves?  Let’s decide to position ourselves to move the heart of God and see healing take place.  Let’s join together in unity and risk believing for something extraordinary and impossible; something only Jesus can accomplish not only for ourselves, but for others.

Are you on a faith walk right now?  If so, and you need others to surround you in faith and have no one, then please leave your first name in the comments and I will be praying for you.  You can also reach me on Facebook here:  Tasha Johnson, Author "Path of the Blessing"