Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Recipe for Revival in 7 Steps

God’s people are searching for revival, but all we need to do is start by looking at our own lives.

Revival comes from the root word revive.

Revive:  to return to consciousness or life, become active or flourishing again

Has your walk with Jesus become routine, stale, or shallow?  Do you hunger for more knowledge regarding who God is?  Do you want to go deeper into truth so that you become refined? Then follow this ancient recipe which is from Nehemiah chapter 9, and it will lead you down a personal path of revival.

Ingredients Needed:
A heart that is committed to Jesus
Desire to change

Step 1 -Prepare your heart for repentance
Step 2 -Begin with fasting
Step 3 -Choose to separate yourself from on-going sinful behavior
Step 4 -Confess to God personal sins and sins of generations past
Step 5 -Read the Bible
Step 6 -Worship the Lord
Step 7 -Close with standing up and praising the

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