Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heart Song: Offense

I don’t know about you but offense is a constant struggle to overcome.  Here’s a few examples of times I’ve recently dealt with offense:

Another woman in the aisle has her shopping cart in the way, totally blocking me from viewing the items I need to see.


I hear that someone was gossiping about me.


I’m driving and someone honks their horn, speeds up, passes me and gives me “the bird.”


(There are so many other examples, and maybe right now the Lord is bringing offenses to your mind that you have dealt with for the sole purpose of refining you.)

  What I’ve noticed this last week, more than any other is that God is bringing those times of offense to my blatant attention.  It has been so obvious when I am about to receive an attitude of offense, that it is almost as if time is slowing down for just that moment for me to decide. 

“Am I choosing to be offended, angry, irritated, and bitter or am I choosing to forgive, let it go, extending grace and mercy?”

  So here’s my testimony, that God has been so good to me to reveal these potential offenses, making me more aware of the attitudes I’m receiving.  I’d like to say, “I’ve overcome and that nothing anyone says or does to me causes me to become bitter and offended.  That I let everything just slide off my back.” –But I’m afraid that I’m still a work in progress.  Thank you God for helping me become more aware of the choice of offense.

When you are faced with the choice of offense, what will you choose?

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