Friday, July 22, 2011

"Who is SALT?"

You might remember a movie that came out last year, 2010, with this tag line at the end of the trailer, "Who is SALT?" with the movie title as "SALT", it starred Angelina Jolie as a US agent named Evelyn Salt accused of being a sleeper Russian agent. It was a constant questioning of the character's identity, was she really a true blooded US agent or was she a secret agent for Russia?  SALT was a woman with unique abilities, mysterious abilities and no one really knew who she truly was.  She was very effective at what she did, flawlessly executing her plan to reveal the truth of who she was.  You might say that SALT was trying to regain her true self, her flavor, her uniqueness. 

I myself at times have questioned who I am, who I truly am.  Do I appear as one type of person one day and the complete opposite the next?  Are the words that I am speaking holding true to who I truly am, or are they reinforcing an image of someone that I am pretending to be?  Do people really know the real me?

Quote from the movie SALT: "Do you think everyone is who they say they are?"- Evelyn Salt.

The bible says that if you are a follower of Jesus Christ then we are SALT (Capitals are added).

Matthew 5:13 "You are the salt of the earth.  But if the salt loses it's saltiness, how can it be made salty again?  It is no longer good for anything, but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot."

This statement made by Jesus really got me thinking, I certainly didn't want to be "thrown out and trampled underfoot" or in other words, discarded and worthless.  I want to be the type of believer who makes a difference in this world for Christ, so I decided to find out how I could avoid ending up in this situation.  I started researching salt, Dead Sea salt (that's where the salt in that region came from, the Dead Sea) and as I was researching salt, and trying to figure out how salt could lose it's saltiness or it's flavor, I came upon several answers that aren't totally certain.  Some websites say that Dead Sea salt can lose it's saltiness when mixed with other molecules creating a whole new molecule, and some say that when you add minerals to your salt, it has become impure and now no longer in it's pure salt form.....this is just too technical for me!  So then I found a quote based off of the usage of sea salt in food, (now this I can relate to)!

Quote from eHow Health:
However, the Food Network states sea salts are "usually expensive; it is worth keeping in mind that they lose their unique flavor when cooked or dissolved," making them a better choice for sprinkling on top of food than using as an ingredient in a recipe

Read more: The Advantages of Sea Salt |
Ah-ha!  So when you cook or dissolve salt in food, it loses it's flavor or it's saltiness!  Sea salt has a uniqueness about it, just like us as followers of Jesus.  When we, as SALT, are not living out who our true selves are in Christ, then we are just simply cooking and dissolving away our flavor or our effectiveness.  The bible says that if we continue in this way, then we will be discarded for we are good for absolutely nothing in the Kingdom of Christ.  The good news is it it's not too late, as long as we have life in us, we can make a decision to change; repent.  Start living out our true selves.
So to answer the question, "Who is SALT?", it is you and I as believers in Christ.  Are you who you say you are?  Are you living out your true self?  Maybe you are in the process of regaining your identity just like Evelyn Salt, don't give up, find out who you truly are in Christ by asking Jesus himself and make that change.
Feel free to comment, what changes have you made to reveal more of your true self as SALT?

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  1. Thanks for doing research on this. It makes a lot of sense now! I wondered how salt lost its saltiness!

    I am also your newest follower.

    Bless you!