Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Live a Life Set Apart by God

In my last blog, I talked about the beatitudes, and Jesus described how we ARE set apart from the world.  You might ask yourself, "Well, if Jesus sees me that way, how in the world am I to live that out in today's society?"  You can find the answer to that question in Matthew chapter 5 verses 13 through the end of chapter 7.  So let's break it down....and I encourage you to read Matthew for yourself and see what the Lord is saying to you.

How to Live a Life Set Apart:

  1. By letting our light (our good deeds) shine before all men
  2. By practicing and teaching the Ten Commandments
  3. By not being angry with another person
  4. By not lusting after another person
  5. By not divorcing unless there has been unfaithfulness within the contract of marriage
  6. By doing what we say we are going to do; follow through
  7. By not responding to the insults of another and if that same person asks anything of you, bless them
  8. By loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you
  9. By giving to the needy in SECRET, not bragging about it or announcing it to others
  10. By praying sincerely and humbly, not to impress others with your words; pray the Lord's Prayer forgiving everyone
  11. By fasting in a humble manner, not bragging about it or announcing it; dressing like you would normally do taking care of yourself
  12. By using your wealth for things that have eternal value
  13. By living free of worry about your financial future
  14. By being wise in what you say before others and not judging them in a hipocritical way
  15. By treating others the way you want to be treated
  16. By expecting good gifts from our Heavenly Father when we ask (an example to others of our faith)
  17. By thinking of others before yourself
  18. By being in relationship with God; knowing him, and doing his will not ours, even if our desire is for something spiritual, if it's not God's will for us to be involved in that activity we are not demonstrating a life set apart
We not only need to HEAR the words of Jesus in this Sermon on the Mt., but also PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE.  Our lives will remain indestructable in times of storm and will be an example for all to see. (Matt. 7:24-27)

So tell me, have you had experience in any of these areas and been blessed because of it?  I want to hear from you......

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