Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brand New Day

I hear the song of those who have loved and then fallen away. 

Love lost because the relationship was more work than they had counted on, so they ran away. 

Hearing songs of sadness, regret, pain. 

Longing to be back in relationship again, hearts torn. 

Will they go back to their true love?  Can they go back?

A time full of forgiveness embracing Loves kiss.  Is that all in the past?

Regret for leaving the way they did, ignoring First Love’s voice calling them back. 

Wiped away is the sorrow, wiped away is the shame. 

Love is waiting to embrace them again. 

Running in fields of barley golden sunlight streaming down. 

Time has been rewound! 

Restoration, renewal it’s hard to believe. 

Love lost has been found just by turning around.

“Stand up all you lovers in the world.  It’s the starting of a brand new day!”(a)

(a) Quoted words from Brand New Day by Sting

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