Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heart Song: Contest Time!

I am currently writing a weekly devotional with the key components of The Compass that I wrote about in my first book, Path of the Blessing.   I am so busy right now that I realize I need help.  So here’s where you come in!

I need a total of 52 weekly devotions to cover a year and so far I have written about 20 ways to worship the Lord based on scripture.  I need 32 more ways so I am having a contest. 

Here are the rules:

Post under the comment section telling me how you worship God AND if you have a scripture verse to back that up, even better!  Just leave your first name and city, state where you are from along with the comment so I can give you credit in my book. 

*If I don’t already have that idea down myself, then I will let you know in the comment section that I will use your idea and give you the credit in my book; The Compass.

*Please prayerfully consider your comments being mindful that the purpose of this blog and my book is to encourage one another towards and in relationship with Jesus.

*If you are not familiar with The Compass that is in my book Path of the Blessing, you can find Path of the Blessing through my website:
and read about how The Compass can help us find the most blessed path to take in life. (Also available on

*The Contest runs December 13, 2012 thru February 13, 2012

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