Friday, November 2, 2012

The Best "Blog" Ever

I love writing and reading blogs.  If you notice, there is a blog out there that can tackle just about every topic.  What is a blog really? –I get asked that question a lot from people when I tell them I write a blog.   And you know, when I think about it, I technically don’t know.  But what I do know is that a blog (for me) is a personal platform, a soapbox of sorts, to share whatever is on my mind.  Before all of this blogging on the web was introduced there was the newspaper and even older than that were letters written on papyrus from scribes taking notes from oral “bloggers.” 

When you think about it, the greatest “blog” out there is the Bible.  It covers every topic down to its very roots.  The author speaks from His heart what’s on His mind with the intention of challenging us to better ourselves by joining into relationship with Him.  He even gives us the opportunity to click on that “follow” button that you find on most blogs, giving us the choice to follow Him, God’s “blog.” 

Thank you God for being the author of the most challenging “blog” there is and ever will be.

If the Bible had a “blog” title to sum up everything within, what do you think it would be?


  1. Mark says " Human Beings Owner Manual".

  2. I like it! :) I thought of "Directions for Mankind" and Troy thought of "Hello"