Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Song: How & Why I Wrote "Path of the Blessing"

This Heart Song, I want to share with you my story of how and why I wrote my book "Path of the Blessing."  Here is an excerpt from my book taken from the preface:

Here I am, sitting at my computer staring at the blank page before me, praying the Lord would lead me as I walk this path that I am on and currently that includes this preface.  I have never written a book before, but don’t count me out just yet, what I know of the Lord is that he always uses the most simple. 

  I am a wife to my husband of 18 years and mother of two wonderful little girls.  I know who I am in Christ and not afraid to live that out; strong, courageous, bold, confident lover of God’s Word.  I am a “girly girl” loving fashion and jewelry, I love shopping (ok I know that that sort of fits in with fashion, but didn’t want to leave it out), I love going out on “dates” with my husband, I love eating out at really fabulous restaurants, I love being in charge when called upon and I do rise to the occasion.  I love to pray for people and see the Lord set people free. I love worship and I love feeling His presence like a ray of sunshine through a window on a cool day.  I love Jesus.

   I am passionate about the Lord and his Word but I must admit, I didn’t always feel that way.  I grew up in the church and was saved at a young age.  Being raised in a Conservative Baptist denomination I was like any good Baptist girl and was taught to know the Word.  As I grew older and had moved on to a Non-Denominational church, I realized that I knew the Word, but struggled to read it or even desire to read it.  I had absolutely no passion for the Word until one evening, when I was 29 years old.

   My husband and I were watching a show called “30 Days” and it was about a person experiencing something that they wouldn’t normally experience for 30 days through the lens of reality TV.   That evening’s show was about a Christian man living with a Muslim family for 30 days.  As I watched, I saw how the Muslim family was very devout with their prayer times and reading of their scriptures.  It got me thinking, here is this family who is religiously praying to a god who isn’t the One True God of the Bible and reading scriptures written by a man.  They are so incredibly adamant about their faith, waking to pray even in the earliest hours of the morning. I then thought, what would happen if the body of Christ, who worships the One True God, who is intricately active in and throughout our lives, would be as devoted to their faith as the Muslims?  What would happen if I sought the Lord through his Word daily expecting to hear from him?  After all, this is what the Muslim’s were doing every day motivated by religious duty instead of motives of relationship.  What would happen in my life if I were so devoted, seeking the Lord motivated by relationship, not religion?

  I started to get really fired up inside as I watched this show and as I talked out my thoughts with my husband.  After that night, a passion ignited for the Word like I had never experienced.  I prayed and still pray, “God, let this passion for your Word never die out in me.” 

  For the past nine years I have been an avid studier of the Word, at times writing bible studies and storing them away not knowing who is going to ever listen to them, but me.  During one of those times I was seeking God on where to read in his Word next.  (I hate putting God in a box, forcing myself to read through a whole book of the bible if it feels like an obligation.  So I read his Word in a random fashion, reading a whole chapter or just a verse, pausing to listen to what God is saying personally to me.)  The story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob kept coming to mind and I admit, I wasn’t quite sure what the story of their lives were. 

   So in September 2010 I sat down and started reading, and as I read, it was as if the story of blessing through the life of those families was lifting off of the page.  I almost envisioned it like an unending red ribbon of blessing flowing through the lives of these families. I started to write down some of my thoughts, and then realizing that I had quite a few thoughts I went to my computer.  I wrote down how they lived, why they were blessed, who was blessed, what did this all mean in relationship to God and why in the world did God lead me to this story; down this path?

   At first the note taking seemed overwhelming, there was so much to be told here.  Was this another bible study that was seemingly just for me?  It just seemed too massive for that to be true. 

  Then my notes turned into sentences, and my sentences turned into paragraphs, then thoughts that would be interjected, then personal stories.  What was happening?  I was starting to actually have a book. 

  My personal hope is that all believers get a passion for the Word, and seek the Lord out for themselves, igniting their own fire within.  Maybe my book, The Path of the Blessing will inspire you, and who knows, maybe the Lord will lead you to write a book of your own.

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